Vacuum Reforming

Municipal Solid Waste – Biomass – paper – cardboard – wet wipes – just about everything put into any bin, including the plastic bin itself . . . and not just the easy stuff either. 

Vacuum reforming will manage just about everything else as well –  old tyres, mattresses, isocyanate foams, expanded polystyrene, clinical waste . . . technically, anything carbon based

The Hope Resources Vacuum Reforming process is a computer controlled adiabatic reaction that converts carbon based materials into Cold Clean Syngas and ‘ash’. The process operates in a closed environment at negative pressure and emits nothing to the environment. There is no need to segregate or unify the input material and there is a zero eventual waste stream from the process.

Vacuum Reforming releases the energy bound up in all the waste and stores it as highly versatile SynGas which can be used directly as a burning gas or processed to deliver       Fuel Cell grade Hydrogen or converted using Gas to Liquid technologies into:

Aviation Spirit

Jet A    or

Ultra Low Sulphur Fuel Oil