Around 2.2 BILLION tons of ‘man made’ waste are produced globally each year

    • Millions of tons of it are incinerated – burned – or dumped each year
    • Both Incineration and Landfill are environmentally damaging
    • Disposing of waste into the sea is devastating the great oceans and their fragile ecoystems
    • Burning fossil fuels for transport emits catastrophic pollution
    • We should not forget that mankind relies on all plants and animals to maintain the planet in a habitable state – not a single one of them relies on mankind

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Vacuum Reforming is the environmental cost-effective solution

Eliminating waste and producing Hydrogen

revolutionising Waste Management

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Vacuum Reforming Pilot Plant - 2021

To learn more about how

Vacuum Reforming

takes mixed, unsegregated waste and converts it to Cold Clean Syngas with no harmful emissions to the environment and virtually no waste stream and

 how Syngas is used or processed to Fuel Cell grade Hydrogen and Cpatured CO2 – scroll down



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Vacuum Reforming

A complex problem reduced to practice – simply

It is the process of reverting waste back to its elemental parts, minerals (solids) and gas. The gas, Syngas, is formed primarily of Hydrogen and Carbon

The complexity is being able to do this using mixed, unsegregated waste with zero emissions to the environment and with a zero eventual waste stream.

The solution looks deceptively simple, what takes place inside the unit is highly complex and very effective

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Hydrogen from Syngas

Syngas is primarily composed of Hydrogen and Carbon. There are various commercial (and some exciting emerging technologies) for isolating Hydrogen from syngas.

The gas stream produced by the Vacuum Reformer is fed directly through the chosen separation process resulting in Hydrogen to the required purity right up to Fuel Cell grade and captured CO2 which can be put to sequestration or inductrial use – CCUS

The remaining mineral element of the waste emerges as a coarse gravel which is an excellent ballast replacement for concrete or brick / block manufacturing.  Any metals in the waste emerge with the gravel, are screened out and recycled as valuable scrap




Vacuum Reforming plants can be self powered, they run at negative pressure and relatively mild temperature.  The waste delivered to site is processed through the Vacuum Reformer and because of the negative prsssure, there are no emissions to the environment.  All the waste is reformed and there is virtually no eventual waste stream.  The need for Land fill / Land Raise and incineration is eliminated by Vacuum Reforming.  Historic as well as current landfill sites can be removed, extracting Hydrogen for zero emission mass transport as well as static electricity production, and the sites remediated back to their natural environment.

The CO2 that is captured during processing can be used by indusrty or put to CO2 sequestration.  CO2 sequestered in this way is CO2 removed from the environment, taken out of the atmosphere by trees & plants on a mass scale.

The economics of Vacuum Reforming ensure there is no requirement for government subsidies and equally no reason why costs to consumers should rise. 

The cost of waste disposal to local authorities in landfill / land raise and incineration is huge, millions of ££££s each year – Vacuum Reforming allows for at least a 7% reduction in costs which can be passed on to taxpayers. 

The CO2 which is captured is only part of the story, because the displacement of fossil fuels by the produced Hydrogen means CO2 emissions from mass transport are also eliminated.  This is a huge permanent Economic, Environmental and Sustainability gain – for everyone

 Towards Zero

The Environment is the real winner here.  Vacuum Reforming plants can take almost any waste, everything you put in your bin, including the bin itself and it all gets processed without any harmful emissions to the environment and there is no requirement for landfill sites, no need to incinerate and no need to export or dump waste, it is all recyclied into Hydrogen and captured CO2.  Hydrogen powers transport, lorries, ships, buses, cars, tractors and JCBs! producing just pure water and a little heat as it’s only emissions.

Eliminating the need for landfill is an environmental imperative and Vacuum Reforming is an excellent way to achieve this, but it can go further, existing landfills can be removed from the landscape by siting Vacuum Reforming plants at the sites and gradually processing the historic waste, all without any harmful emissions to the environment.


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