Junk – Rubbish – Garbage – Refuse – Trash – Waste

The traditional methods of disposing of waste are no longer acceptable, environmentally, or in terms of Earth’s limited natural resources. 

The climate is changing and so is the climate of how we dispose of  waste and what happens to it once it is out of sight.  Hope Resources plans to reverse the environemntal disaster and re-purpose not just current waste streams but also historical waste dumps.

The size of the problem is nothing short of monumental: About 2 billion metric tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) are produced worldwide each year. 

2 Billion metric tons = more than 4 million jumbo jets at take-off weight

No exageration, there are mountains of waste, whole valleys filled in, massive mounds of surface landraise.  

Any company that chooses can become zero waste, almost overnight, by turning to Vacuum Reforming, it’s lower cost than landfill and better for the environment

The million of tons of waste that are deposited into landfill, incineration or dumped into rivers and oceans worldwide every year are highly hazardous.  The cost effect of this astonishing amount of pollution is dwarfed only by the environmental and health damage it causes.